All prints are hand-signed and numbered on the back. Editions are limited to 50 units for 5x7" and 5x5" prints. Larger sizes are limited to 25 units.
Prints can be acquired unmounted or mounted in a beautiful acid free textured warm-white mat. In the case of non-square images, not all have the same aspect ratio, meaning that the final print's dimensions may deviate slightly from 5x7" (13x19cm) - an indicative size.


All photos identified as DIGITAL MEDIUM or MIXED MEDIA (high quality scans of film negatives) are printed in a professional EPSON printer using the exquisite archival fine art HAHNEMÜHLE WILLIAM TURNER paper, a highly praised 310gsm 100% cotton textured paper with a matte, off-white surface.
Today, the highest quality inkjet prints - often called 'Giclée prints' - reach similar quality standards to the traditional gelatin silver prints, albeit with a different character, being the choice of countless artists, particularly of those who exclusively use digital equipment.

. 5x5" (13x13cm) or 5x7.5" (13x19cm) - UNMATTED - 18€ *

. 5x5" or 5x7.5" - MATTED** - 28€ *

Inkjet print

All photos identified as FILM originate in B&W negatives and are printed by the photographer himself, using the highest quality glossy fibre (baryta) papers, normally from Ilford, Bergger or Adox (depending on availability), respecting the highest archival quality standards.
Gelatin silver prints - consisting in a traditional darkroom process, with its intrinsic materials' quality, as well as the involved craftmanship - are amongst the most exquisite and flattering forms of physical presentation a photograph can have.

. 5x5" (13x13cm) or 5x7.5" (13x19cm) - UNMATTED - 30€ *

. 5x5" or 5x7.5" - MATTED** - 40€ *

* Quantity discounts available, see below.
** Mat to fit 9x9" (23x23cm) or 9x12" (23x30cm) frames (or similar sized frames).
For other print and mat sizes and specifications please enquire.


WARNING - the book's preview contains nudity.

'Deviant Light' is Nuno's first opus in the exciting and door-opener world of self-publishing. It features more than 150 photographs which roughly represent his artwork until 2013, when it was published.
He will not try to describe it in detail here because he'd rather much prefer to let the viewers decide if there's something more to be seen beyond the obvious and if they can relate to the images in any way. Hopefully the photographs will speak for themselves.

You can buy it directly in BLURB's website. There is an extended preview and even a free e-version (for now) that you can download and enjoy in your tablet.
You will see that Nuno has scattered small texts across the pages. He's most certainly not a writer and this was not a pretentious attempt to appear as one. These texts are simple fragments of what he feels or thinks when he photographs or edits his work. Sometimes the photograph shapes the thought and some other times it's the other way around.

The photographs feature: women, carrying a variable degree of sexual and/or erotic aura; derelict buildings he's explored in his urbex adventures; graveyards and their beautiful and oftentimes macabre artwork; industrial sites with their innerent powerful atmosphere, even when abandoned; simple objects, bodies or shapes, approached in a perhaps unusual angle; friends, as he sees them; cityscapes and landscapes, with their endless subject possibilities...

Nuno invites you to explore the preview and tell him what you think.